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Groovy Static Sites With Grain

The first option I considered when I decided to start up this blog was to use static site generator, and Jekyll as the most popular one was an obvious choice. Shortly after I was ready with the first version of this blog and first post - Using Jekyll, Asciidoctor and GitHub Pages for static site creation, I’ve noticed a link in @sdelamo Groovy Calamary #68 to the static site generator from Groovy world - Grain. As I consider myself as a Groovy ecosystem fan, I could not resist it and quickly migrated this blog to Grain.

Using Jekyll, Asciidoctor and GitHub Pages for Static Site Creation

After I decided to start write things down, the first tool that I found for this task was Jekyll - a static site generator supported by GitHub Pages. It was very useful for creating the first version of this blog, but finally, I decided to use Grain (hope to present it in the following article). As a result of playing with Jekyll, in this article I will show how to build a simple blog using Jekyll as static site generator, GitHub Pages as static site server and Asciidoc as markdown language. We will create a blog from scratch, add new posts and change default configuration and web pages layout using mentioned technologies.