Development notes by Yaroslav Yermilov

remember kids, the only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down

Using Jekyll, Asciidoctor and GitHub Pages for Static Site Creation

After I decided to start write things down, the first tool that I found for this task was Jekyll - a static site generator supported by GitHub Pages. It was very useful for creating the first version of this blog, but finally, I decided to use Grain (hope to present it in the following article). As a result of playing with Jekyll, in this article I will show how to build a simple blog using Jekyll as static site generator, GitHub Pages as static site server and Asciidoc as markdown language. We will create a blog from scratch, add new posts and change default configuration and web pages layout using mentioned technologies.

What Mr. Spock Would Possibly Say About Modern Unit Testing: Pragmatic and Emotional Overview

We will try to examine current state of the automated testing concept in the Java world. As a reference, we will go through basic and advanced spock-framework features and compare them with what JUnit4/JUnit5/TestNG/Hamcrest/AssertJ/Mockito/whatever can offer instead. We will try to understand Spock philosophy and find out both pragmatic and emotional answer to the questions: should I use spock-framework in the year of 2016? how to convince my manager that 'yes, we should'? how to convince my teammates that 'no, we shouldn’t'?